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Default Re: Individual RP: BlueJello


I nodded in approval as Blue had his Ditto transform into a copy of Dagger, telling the Dittozel to put the flames out with a Rain Dance. The Pokemon did a sort of hopping jig, causing rain clouds to gather overhead and let loose a heavy downpour. Dagger twirled his tails a little, his Ability activating. Without waiting for any orders from me he dashed forward as an orange blur, his speed doubled thanks to the deluge. The rain was doing a good job of snuffing the flames and making the untouched grass too wet to be burned; Dagger assisted by squirting the ground with his Water Gun to turn the hard-packed dirt into mud, further slowing the dying flames.

Eventually, the fire was extinguished, leaving behind a wide patch of scorched earth. The ashes from burnt grass mixed with the water to create a sticky mud slick, and it wouldn't be good if any Pokemon got stuck in it. I asked Urokei to remain by the area to keep any Pokemon from straying into the mudpit, and to use a Fire Blast to dry it up once the rain ended. He nodded and settled down next to the muddy area, and Dagger came back over to join us as the rain continued to pour down.

"I'm glad to see you could handle this," I told Blue, facing him. "All the same, this counts as a PPPP violation. It could have been much worse, though, and everyone makes mistakes. Just think of this as an encouragement to plan more carefully in the future. The consequences of your actions and those of your Pokemon must always be considered before taking those actions. You should also keep an eye on a Pokemon when it flees so you know if it actually ran away or just hid somewhere."

I wiped water from my eyes and then pushed my soaked bangs out of my face, turning to face the copse of trees in the distance. It seemed that a large number of Pokemon had decided to head that way, probably hoping that the large number of thick, hearty trees would slow the fire and give them more time to escape.

"We must as well get moving," I said after a moment. "We're not catching anything except maybe a cold by hanging around here."


Trainer Stats:

Name: Blue Jello
Location: Botanic Garden

Area Effects
-13 Encounters Remaining
-Type Repellent: Grass Pokemon
-Large mudpit formed from ashes mixing with rain
-PPPP Violation: 1

Pokemon Stats:
-Calm Genderless Ditto <Limber Ability>
75% <Currently out of Ball> [Dittozel]

-Serious Male Ambipom <Pickup Ability>
44.72 %

Total Items: 2 Parkballs ; 1 Hyperball ; 2 Max Potions

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Togepi (Encounter 1)
Buneary (Encounter 2)

Total Pokemon Captured:
Na´ve Female Togepi
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