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Default Re: Individual RP: Mitsuko-Kun

I watched in horror as Artemis' entire figure was shrouded in this eerie blue glow and dragged to the ground. I couldn't bear to look in her eyes for the fear of the pain I would see. I struggled to think on my feet, every ounce of me filled with panic. What should I do now?

"Artemis!" I screamed in hysteria. My pulse was racing, my mind in a jumble, barely able to process a coherent thought. I looked over at Ranger Leo and considered asking for help, but decided against it. I needed to have faith in myself. I got us into this, and I would get us out of it.

"O-okay, use Roost to heal y-yourself since you're already on the g-g-ground," I stammered. "You can use Psychic too, so try and use it to push Solrock's own Psychic off of you." It made sense in my mind; even though Solrock was a Psychic-type, Artemis had a much higher Special Attack stat, so it should technically be stronger. I could only pray...
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