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Default Changes in the Contest Section

Since whenever I post in the Contest Chat thread nobody gives a damn, Ataro suggested me to make a new thread where I'll put whatever new stuff happens in the board.

Please refrain from posting in this thread, as it is only for authorized people.

Festival Contests

Festival Contests have been regulated and are now free for everyone to do- provided the judge wants to. The rules of this type of contests are in the All About Contests thread.

Berry Credit

Whenever you partecipate in a contest, you now get a total sum of BC to spend in the berry store to buy berries. THis can be saved up.

Pre-Blended Pokeblock

If you can't be bothered with figuring out your berries, there's some basic and a little more advanced pokeblocks already pre-made for sale in the Berry Store.

Adding your name to the Guide

If you've joined the contests section, but your name wasn't added to the Coordinator Guide(which is pretty likely), post in that thread.
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