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Default Re: Individual RP: Iridium

While Infernape was busy with his moves, Skuntank had got ready for battle as well. It had released a huge cloud of poisonous purple gas into the air, which almost blinded our view of what was happening between the two Pokemon.

Jake had taken out a handkerchief to cover his nose and mouth from the attack, and so did I. This gas could do...funny things if it got inside.

As the thick gas started diminishing a bit, we saw a strange sight. Skuntank was right on top of Infernape, and the two Pokemon were rolling about on the floor, obviously having fun together. It looked like the Poison Gas had disturbed Infernape somehow.

"Looks like your Pokemon got a friend."

I simply raised an eyebrow, but said nothing in reply to this.

"Infernape, stop all this," I said sternly. "You're in the middle of a battle. Shake that Pokemon away and use Brick Break, but make sure you don't faint it.

My words seem to shake Infernape back to realisation, and he pushed Skuntank away and got up. Skuntank seemed a bit hurt with this, but realised too, that this was no time for fun and games.

Infernape began readying himself for the Brick Break attack. He crossed his arms making an "X" with them, focusing hard on the target. He stood still and closed his eyes, and looked almost as if he had gone to sleep. After a few moments of absolute silence, he unfolded his arms and rushed towards Skuntank, where he would bring back his arms together into the same "X" formation, completing the attack.

As Infernape rushed towards Skuntank, I put my hand inside my pocket, and brought out another gold and black Hyper Ball from it. I poked it in the middle to make it bigger in size, and taking aim, directed it towards Skuntank.

OOC: Male Skuntank.


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