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Default Re: Individual RP: Pokémon Partner

OOC: Yeah, you don't get to decide if the ball hits or not...well, it did hit, but, just saying. : P

The ball kept shaking for a few seconds and suddenly it burst open. The small Pokemon didn't seem to have much health left in it, but it was still able to break free.

Mudkip glared in the direction of her firey opponent and suddenly a small spiral of water appeared in front of Mudkip. The spiral quickly became larger, wider, and faster, turning into a Whirlpool that was shot in Blaziken's direction.

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Trainer's stats:

Trainer: Victor Crane

Location: Great Lakes

Area Effects: Windy, Rain

Encounters Remaining: 14

Pokemon Stats:
---Hasty Mightyena (M/Intimidate)
---Brave Blaziken (M/Blaze) 72.8%
---Gentle Arbok (M/Shed Skin) 61.42%

Total Items: Park Balls x5, Max Potions x3, Full Heal x3, "Dreamily Dry" Scent Spray x1, "Spicy Splendor" Scent Spray x1, "Sweet Sensation" Scent Spray x1, "Bitter Berry" Scent Spray x1, "Sour Starfruit" Scent Spray x1

Total Captured Pokemon: N/A

Current Wild Pokemon: ??? Mudkip (?/Torrent) 9.53% [Whirlpool]

Other Wild Pokemon: N/A
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