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Default Re: Sec, Ataro, Eeveedude, DarkGardevoir :Normal Cool, R/S/E:

Final turn results:

Marowak uses Leer! +3!
Good conditioning! +1!
The crowd hates repetition! -1!
Crowd cheers anyway! +1! [CL=3]
The Crowd Meter will no longer move.

Espeon uses Growl! +2!
The crowd is fixed on Marowak.

Scizor uses Fury Cutter! +3!
Very good conditioning! +2!
The crowd is fixed on Marowak.

Solrock cannot do anything.

Contest Results:

In fourth place, with 80 points, is DarkGardevoir and Solrock!

In third place, with 344 points, is Eeveedude and Espeon!

In second place, with 429 points, is Sec and Marowak!

In first place, 459 points, is Ataro and Scizor!! Congratulations!

The log will be posted momentarily, at which time you can collect your prizes.
Paired with the amazing and wonderful Tsuki. <3

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