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Default Re: Sec's Judging Journal

Normal Rank RSE Festival
Bumblebee16 vs NaliaC vs Ragnajacob vs Eeveedude vs Dogs of Hellsing vs ShockNJ vs Chibiusa vs Kirethidae
PorygonZ vs Golem vs Alakazam vs Espeon vs Froslass vs Spoink vs Lanturn vs Dragonite

Kiri held the lead the WHOLE TIME but the stats shook it up at the end :/

Final Results:
1st – Espeon @ 451pts
2nd – Spoink @ 423pts
3rd- Dragonite @ 320pts
4th- Frosslass @ 284pts
5th- Porygon Z @ 200pts
6th- Golem @ 160pts
7th- Alakazam @ 159pts
8th- Lanturn @ 60pts

Eeveedude wins, gets $3500 and Cool Ribbon
ShockNJ gets $3000 and a Cool Ribbon
Kirithidae gets $2500
Dogs of Hellsing gets $2000
Bumblebee16 gets $1500
NaliaC gets $1000
Ragnajacob gets $1000
ILeaf gets $1000

I get $4000 for judging
Total Wages Earned: $34000

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