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Default Re: Individual RP;; Kirethidae

Ranger Ash Dalca
Meteor Valley

As the rocks around Sindrayala began to shake violently and glow with a sadistic light blue. The rocks erupted in a shower of pebbles and boulders and Dragonite flew into the air. The stones circled her, all encased with the same blue. Sindrayala looked around wildly, not sure where that Spiritomb had run off too. The Dragon Pokemon started flying around the cave, continuing to use her Stone Edge to lift rocks, searching for Spiritomb. But the Forbidden Pokemon managed to evade her opponent, sneaking into crevices whenever her position was in jeopardy.

After the same thing repeating itself, the sly Spiritomb decided to shake things up with an Icy Wind. Hiding in the shadows of the cave, she took to her true form once more. From her glowing green mouth, an ice-blue sphere started to form before shooting out from the darkness at Sindrayala.

"Watch out!"


Trainer Stats:

Trainer: Kirethidae
Location: Meteor Valley

Area Effects: Wisps of smoke are still in the air, rocks EVERYWHERE
Encounters Remaining- 11

Wild Pokemon:
-??? Spiritomb (F) -Pressure Ability- <Rock Tomb> //Paralized\\

Pokemon Stats:
-Calm Espeon (F) -Synchronize Ability- <Out of Ball>

-Careful Sceptile (M) -Overgrow Ability- <In Ball>

-Rash Dragonite (F) -Inner FocusAbility- <In Battle>

Total Items: PokéPlayer {1}, Absol Voice Disk {1}, Hyper Ball {1}, Super Ball {1}, Park Ball {3}

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Poochyena // Poochyena // Hypno // Spiritomb

Total Pokemon Captured:


OCC// dragonite lost health from flying around

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