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Default Re: URPG Stories Chat & Feedback

Originally Posted by Fever View Post

Guys, I am seriously sorry for not having posted or graded lately. My life is pretty chaotic right now and I feel like I don't have time for anything other than exam preparation. I have a play coming up too and it's all a lot of work since we are still in the development stages. My parents are splitting up and while this isn't anything new (it's been going on for years, they're only still in the same house because it's financially more practical) it's still one more thing to deal with.

I feel as though I can't contribute anything useful to the URPG and therefore I'm leaving (temporarily, at least) until I have enough time to be a proper member. I will still lurk when I can and drop in to say congrats to competition winners etc but don't expect to see me too often :3

Wow, this all sounds a bit vain - makng a big post to say I'm going when a lot of you guys aren't going to miss me anyways! :L I know a lot of you won't have a clue who I am, I'm not exactly a big deal in the URPG. I had fifteen minutes of fame when I won an SSC in 2008 and that's about it ^^

I would rather not be completely written off (no pun intended!) as a grader as it is my hope that this summer I will be able to do some more work here, but I know that every member of the grading team has responsibilities. Since I can't attend to those responsibilities for a few months I don't mind retaking the test when I come back, but if it's possible, I'd like to be listed as 'inactive' on the Grader list, rather than totally rubbed out. If you want me to retake the test when I come back then I'm cool with being taken off the list.

I have missed and will miss this place. Except maybe George/Emma...I MEAN. Especially George and Emma. Yeah, that's what I was going to say. Yeah. ;D

Love you all!


How dare you put your life before the URPG Stories. GAH.

Seriously, though, I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Don't worry about your position as a grader. Unless some kind of freaking regime change occurs around here, you'll be welcome back just fine. Though, I may still decide to yell at you for good measure. That'll always be a possibility.
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