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Default Re: "The Video Game Genre"

Title: Mega Man, or as he was known in Japan, ROCK-UU MAN
Artist: Manami Matsumae
Yoshihiro Sakaguchi
Platform: NES, Sega Genesis, Nintendo Gamecube, Sony PS2, Microsoft Xbox
Link to download: You know most of the music in this group can be found at galbadia hotel, right?
Favorite Song: Gut's Man stage, remixed for Power Battle.
Original NES Gutsman

Fitting-in: Come on, it's the first six Robot Masters. 10/10
Originality: Coming out in NES's hey day in 1987, it sure was original enough. Even today! 10/10
Diversity: Different styles for different robot masters, such as Cut Man's simple beat and generic tune (And it's always the first you play. You're a god damn liar if you didn't.) Guts Man's theme is lacking though, as it's just a simple loop after a few seconds. Bomb Man's bgm is pretty calm considering he's a F***ING BOMB CHUCKING ROBOT. Elec Man's theme is really upbeat, and probably the best theme on there, until Rockman 2: Power Fighters, which Guts Man's theme was expanded more. 8/10
Nostalgia Value: It's the first Mega man, dude. 9/10
Overall: 8.2/10.

Closing comments: The first Mega Man to feature the great 8-bit music which is evident in the later NES MM games. Also, an average game at best, considering 2 and 3's content.
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