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Default Re: "The Video Game Genre"

Title: Mega Man 2
Artist: Takashi Tateishi
Manami Matsumae
Yoshihiro Sakaguchi
Platform: NES, Genesis, GC, Xbox, PS2
Link to download: Galbadia Hotel, remember?
Favorite Song: Metal Man's theme
Remixed version of above theme

Fitting-in:It's Megaman 2, back when NES tunes were becoming generic background music, Mega man 2 makes it more easy to listen to. Metal Man's theme? Totally rave inducing. Flash Man's theme? Sounds too jazzy for a guy who STOPS TIME. 8/10
Originality: wut. It's the 2nd MM, the greatest in the series by most. (I prefer 3, tho.) Plus, considering music in video games weren't big then, it's pretty original compared to most NES games. 9/10
Diversity: Damn right there's diversity, though Wily's stage had a few themes for it's entire castle. 8/10
Nostalgia Value: I always get Metal Man, Flash Man, The Boss Stage or the Main title theme, and I always get excited when it comes up. 10/10, bro!
Overall: 7.75/10

Closing comments: I think Wily's Stage theme was overrated.
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