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Default Im on a roll, baby

Artist: Yasuaki Fujita (One guy and he still manages to make it sound good.)
Platform: NES, Gen, PS2, Xbox, GC
Link to download: derp
Favorite Song: Snake Man Stage

Fitting-in: Surprisingly, this game had a lot of kick ass BGMs, and all of them feel right at home in this game. 10/10
Originality: Before MM4 when the series began a hideous decline, 3 had another set of fantastic BGMs. 9/10
Diversity: Snake Man's pretty much the best one IMO, which sounds pretty RAVE-ish in the beginning, but Spark Man's pretty catchy too. But the Wily themes have began their decline in this game, sadly. 6/10
Nostalgia Value: Remember when the Top Man theme came up, and you were pissed to find out his weapon was useless? [insert FFFFUUUUU- image here] Otherwise, Shadow Man's 8 direction weapon comes to mind when his them shows up. Also, MM2 RM were here too, but none of their music shows up. Also, Proto Man intro you are the best flute solo ever. 10/10
Overall: 7.75/10.

Closing comments: An extended rendition of Protoman's theme shows up in the end credits. Totally worth it.
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