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Default Why did I agree to this?

Title: Mega Man 5
Artist: Mari Yamaguchi
Platform: NES, PS2, Xbox, GC
Link to download: Why would you?
Favorite Song: Don't have one for this game. Music is slowly getting staler with each installment.

Fitting-in: Generic themes do fit in with generic robots. 10/10
Originality: What? Capcom having originality? That's absurd! 2/10
Diversity: Yeah, after 4 Mega Man games, pretty much everything sounds the same here, bro. 2/10
Nostalgia Value: Ha ha ha, Mega Man 5 has nostalgia value? 1/10
Overall: 3/10.

Closing comments: You honestly think I'm being lazy on purpose? Listen to the first three OSTs, then 4 and 5, we'll talk about work ethics then.
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