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Default I need a break from all this.

Title: Mega Man X
Artist: Setsuo Yamamoto
Makoto Tomozawa
Yuki Iwai
Yuko Takehara
Toshihiko Horiyama
Platform: SNES, PC, GC, PS2
Link to download: Galbadia hotel, derp.
Favorite Song: Song? How about SONGS?
Boomerang Kuwanger stage
Storm Eagle Stage
Stage Select 1

Fitting-in: Generally HARD ROCKING BANG YOUR HEAD themes for Flame Mammoth and Storm Eagle. I don't what to describe Kuwanger's theme, but yeah, that's pretty rocking. Armored Armadillo seems to sound like it could be in MM7 rather than X, though. 9/10
Originality: The first SNES MM game, they took full advantage of their sound and made some pretty wicked tracks not heard of on any other SNES game AS SOON AS IT WAS RELEASED MIND YOU. 10/10
Diversity: Pretty much everybody had their own style. Chill Penguin had a little xylophone here and there, Storm Eagle was ROCKING F*** YEAH BANG YOUR HEAD, Flame Mammoth was pretty unique too. 10/10
Nostalgia Value: Admit it, you have this entire OST on your iPods. 10/10
Overall: 9/10

Closing comments: Still haven't got the HADOUKEN.
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