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Default Box art for an ARCADE game? Ha!

Title: Mega Man: The Power Battle
Artist: Setsuo Yamamoto
Hideki Okugawa
Platform: Arcade, PS2, GC, Xbox
Link to download: Galbadia hotel, derp.
Favorite Song: Shade Man's Stage

Fitting-in: A lot of Robot Masters from the past series don't have their original themes here, but fitting in with the theme of the game: 8/10
Originality: The original tracks of past MM games, only updated with the CPS1 hardware (Which I prefer the CPS2 ver., but more on that later.) 5/10
Diversity: 18 Robot Masters, 3 sub-bosses, and one Dr. Wily, there is a lot of hear here. 9/10
Nostalgia Value: The next arcade game is more memorable than this. 7/10
Overall: 7/10

Closing comments: Sounds exactly like what you'd hear on the SNES. :<
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