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Default Re: "The Video Game Genre"

Title: Okami
Artist: Masami Ueda (Composer), Hiroshi Yamaguchi (Composer), Akari Kaida (Composer), Rei Kondoh (Composer), Jun (Performer)
Platform: Nintendo Wii | Playstation2
Link to Buy:
Favorite Song: The Sun Rises


Fitting-in: 10/10
I dunno, it just... works. xD The music in this game has wonderfully energetic fast songs, as well as tragic pieces that play as you view the rot that has come to what used to be a beautiful place. (e.g Cursed Shinshu Field) The game also keeps true to the setting, each peice being oriental-inspired. It all just comes together as a great soundtrack.

Originality: 9.5/10
Again, lots of points here. This is probably my favorite video game soundtrack EVAH. :D It stands out a lot due to it's GOOD-NESS.

That is all.

Diversity: 9/10
The tracks do share a bunch of instruments, but they're all used to create different sounds. No instrument is really the star in every piece, and since they all get chances to shine, it never gets boring.

Nostalgia Value: 10/10
All of the tracks are memorable. They sound great, and they bring back memories of the awesome game. The thing is- it's not like you remember every track. You just remember the game as a whole, and it's a lot of fun to hear it.

Overall: 9.625/10

Closing comments: Well worth $75. 5 hours of epic listening. Or, buy the game, even better. xD
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