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Default Re: "The Video Game Genre"

Title: Super Mario Sunshine
Artist: Koji Kondo
Platform: Nintendo
Link to download: game
Favorite Song: Special stage, noki bay

Fitting-in: All the songs in this game have that "tropical/relaxation" feeling, while still being upbeat. Fit perfectly. 10/10
Originality: I still haven't come accross a game with this kind of music. Then again, i'm vary specific to certain video games. 10/10
Diversity: The only downfall of this soundtrack. The songs all have the same feeling, while still having some outlanders, like the "special stage" song. 8/10
Nostalgia Value: So many good (and aggrivating) memories from this game, and these songs recreate those very well 9/10

Overall: Avg the past four numbers. 9.25/10.

Closing comments:
Very great game, even better soundtrack
And so I strike, like an unseen dodgeball in an echoing gymnasium!

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