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Default Re: Love is in the air: take an umbrella!

@Kire: yes, you decide what Scent Sprays you get

Also, I forgot to add MArth and Near too for the 2000$ thing >.< I'll add you guys now.

Also, here's the perfume's aromas. I won't tell you for what type they work until everybody has chosen :p

Hotwire, Sea Breeze, Strong Will, Fleeting Impulse, Flower Concerto, Darkside, Nightstalker, White Queen, Candy Spice, Ripple Effect, Geostorm, Essence of Life, Belladonna, Mighty Man-thing, Ladybird, Ancient Perfume

These can attract an additional encounter if used at the beginning of the RP. The encounter will be Common, Rare, Special OR Legendary.(I think I'm forgetting one)
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