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Default Re: individual rp: QIC

Ranger Ash Dalca
Mt Okori

Snover’s Magical Leaf was met by a Flamethrower, turning the rainbow leaves to smoky-gray ash. The Flamethrower was made of lava, however, instead of plain old fire, and when Numa finally stopped the stream it sat on the ground, waiting for someone to step in the boiling fire.

Snicks crossed his arms again, conjuring a Nasty Plot to raise his Special Attack power. He smiled, making Ash think of some sort of axe murderer on death row, waiting to be executed. Then the Dark/Ice Pokemon started to spin wildly, sending Dark Pulses at his opponents. They were almost impossible to dodge and came at both Tyrouge and Snover.

The baby Fighting Pokemon reacted first and clenched his fists together. He Endured most of the attack, but fell to the Dark Pulse when it had almost ended. Snover wasn’t so lucky and was thrown against the wall of the tunnel by the sheer force of the attack. Seeing his friend down, Tyrouge stood up weakly to attack Snicks. He ran towards him, reading a Brick Break. The Pokemon jumped into the air, arms in their position, when Numa took action—just like how her Trainer instructed. Numa hurled herself at Tyrouge, sending the two dueling Pokemon into the ground. Luckily for Tyrouge, he had used Counter the moment he saw the Pokemon coming for him. When the two Pokemon finally stood up in the cloud of dust they had kicked up, Numa was standing proudly and Tyrouge was on one knee, feeling the effects of the Burn from earlier.

Snover was planning her own revenge for the Dark Pulse while Tyrouge was with Numa. She brought her tree-like arms together again and sent a devastating Shadow Ball towards Numa before quickly sending another Magical Leaf at Snicks.

Counter to repay Camerupt for the Take Down, plus the recoil damage… Camerupt is going to be in pain,” Ash said. “And Snover looks like a pretty cruel Pokemon for using her friend to do more damage to both of your Pokemon.”


Trainer Stats:

Trainer: Owen
Location: Mt Okori

Area Effects: Very, very rocky. Don't trip! Pool of hot lava on the ground from Numa's Flamethrower.
Encounters Remaining- 5

Wild Pokemon:
-??? Tyrogue (M) -Guts Ability- //Burn\\ <Counter>
--- 46%

-??? Snover (F) -Snow Warning Ability- <Magical Leaf/Shadow Ball>
--- 91%

Pokemon Stats:
-Gentle Weavile (M) -Inner Focus Ability- <In Battle>
---11% SPAT +2

-Calm Camerupt (F) -Soild Rock Ability- <In Battle>

Total Items: Park Balls x1, HyperBall x1

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Machop, Bagon, Tyrouge, Machoke, Swinub, Smoochum, Smoochum, Walrein, Glaceon, Machoke, Tyrouge, Snover

Total Pokemon Captured:
Bagon[Bold, M], Swinub [Adament, F]


OCC// btw, i did add the effects Nasty Plot. I just forgot the take them off last time after a while xD

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