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Default Re: "The Video Game Genre"

Title The Legend of Zelda

Artist(s): Koji Kondo

Platform: Family Computer Disk System, NES, GBA, Gamecube, Wii VC.

Link to download: I couldn't find a non-legal one.

Favorite Song: The Hyrule field music.

Fitting-in: 10/10
The music is LoZ fits in with the game perfectly. From the Death Mountain music, to the dungeon music, you will be amazed.

Originality: Is this song recognizable from other sountracks? 8/10
Unfortunately, you will be hearing most of the same songs throughout the game. I wish they would have had differant songs for each dungeon, but this was back in the NES days so it dosn't really matter.

Diversity: Do the songs stand apart from each other? 10/10
Yes they do. Though there arn't many, each song is differant from each.

Nostalgia Value: Say you have your songs on shuffle, and you hear this. Can you reconize what it's from, and does it bring back memories? 10/10
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-, yes! This is Zelda for christ sakes. If you can't recognize the sounds when you get a new item, then you aint living. It's Zelda, I won't say anything else.
Overall: 9.5

Closing comments: The songs in this game are amazing. Pick it up if you havn't played it before. Kondo did an amazing job on the soundtrack in this game.
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