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Default Literary Projects...?

This idea was born of me and my overworking mind, worrying about my to-be sprite project and my literary magazine entry at the same time. So, the two ideas clashed, and guess what was born? Literary projects!

Okay, so here are some ideas, but as this idea gains or loses support, we can add or improve ideas:
- Basically, like my sprite projects, which are basically collectives, we set a certain theme, and everyone creates a sprite according to that theme. In terms of fanfiction, you could either one, make a one-shot that sports that theme, or even, if you can, dedicate a chapter of your chaptered fanfiction, and add the theme! Sprite collective themes are a little different, though; they can be for holidays, colors, anything of that sort. For a fanfiction, we could make it so each theme is a fundamental theme of a lot of plots; love (romantic, family, aquaintance), change (physical, seasonal, emotional), revenge, etc.
- You would have a set amount of time do write your piece(s). You can donate as much as you want, and you have an ample amount of time to write what you want to write! It'll probably be two or three weeks, give or take a few days.
- You could even contribute in the Mixed: Written Work section, writing poems, original chaptered fiction, or original one-shots supporting the theme.
- I was actually supposed to be a judge for what was set up to be the Monthly Short Story Competition. In case some of you forgot, it died. DIED. One of my mod friends created it so we could expand interest in writing, and we failed her. I'm not saying this will restore it, but sort of complete the dream that a lot of us fellow writers have. Now, of course, the Fanfic Extravaganza is over; it comes once a year. However, that's a competition. Here, competition is diminished for a chance to show that we all can write without hesitating to click the "Reply to Thread Button," unsure if we want judges to review our work. Here, we can help each other out, and critique each other's work.
- We could even make guides, maybe not even needing to require them to match the theme (I only write original work tutorials; I don't know how you can possibly match the theme, but if you want, be creative and go for it).
- This is an environment you could be writing in for different reasons; grooming your writing to prepare for this year's Fanfiction Extravaganza, getting an excuse to write, being critiqued in fairness instead of being judged in competition, maybe even get attention for your work; to each his/her own. We all love to write. Let's make an environment out of our interests!

I will be reserving only one post to put up details for a project if we get enough people to support it. =)

By the way, if anyone is interested, the following quote is from my sign-up to apply to be the judge for the MSSC, which I mentioned earlier. This mentions my experience as a writer, what I've written, and what I had contributed so far to writing;

As a writer, I've owned multiple fanfictions (couldn't finish a lot of them due to problems in the family, etc), I've made poetry threads, I've compiled ideas and pilot chapters for over thirty original stories, roleplayed a little on several different forums, and I type up stories everyday. Right now, I'm head of the AAOC, and I tackle ALL arts, including written works. I'm working on developing multiple writing competitions that will also beef up the writing sections a bit. I'm also working on developing a Pokémon Bible that will be based off of the Christian KJV Bible and a long Pokémon one-shot horror. I'm also writing scripts for v-logs and skits on YouTube, just wanting to add that in if that's important at all.

*Note: this was written in late 2009; the AAOC is sadly dead. =(
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