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Default Re: Literary Projects...?

I certainly feel bad about that Short Story competition, but for me that was a busy time and I just never had time to sit down and write. As some might remember, I created a project a while back where writers could come up with Folk Stories for the Pokemon world, but many people who had reserved ideas never wrote about them, and the project died. The activity in the Fan-Fic board is close to death, but I hope that we could change it. I'm in full support of this project, and certainly hope that it could bring back some writers.

So, please post, people! =D

If this does go through, I have an idea for a theme. We see plenty of Journey or Trainer fics out there, but how often do you read about Rangers? I've been working on a One-Shot Ranger story, and I'd be happy to share and see some other point of views. ^^

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