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Default Re: Trainer17's Reffing Booklet



7 people
Regular FFA Moves
Auto Taunt/Trick Room
Intimidate/Weather damage Negated

Weird stuff happened: Hydro Pump was redirected to a Vaporeon, and Ice Beam froze Togekiss. When it was all down to Vappy and Lanturn, Ice Beam doesn't freeze and Thunder always missed... epic.

Iridium w/ Metagross 1 gets $1000
Ataro w/ Metagross 2 gets $1000
Ayotui w/ Rhyperior gets $1000
F.D. w/ Swampert gets $1500
ragnarok0422 w/ Togekiss gets $2000
FireSong w/ Vaporeon gets $2500
Keion w/ Lanturn gets $3000

Trainer17 reffed and gets $3500

Total: $5000

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