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Default Re: Contest Chat [For Contest-related questions too]

Originally Posted by Ataro View Post
I've actually been meaning to edit the quiz a couple of weeks ago already. Reason being, the one that we have now currently is a little easy indeed (last question), thanks to me being lazy the other time.

While most of what TT said is true; there aren't many judges and as such, this was also the reason why DG and I felt that a "Judge Test" wasn't really needed. Thus, passing the standards of pass that we set is enough for you to be an official judge. In fact, by looking up for the answers yourself, I believe that goes to show that you actually know how things work, where to find answers and so, this prevents judges from not knowing anything and passed just by looking things up.

I believe Judge Testers have the capability to fail someone if he feels that he is not good enough anyway. That said, the Judge Quiz is updated now. Mostly just a couple of new questions, and the battle scenarios are improved. Of course, if you haven't passed the quiz and am still trying for Judge status, you'd be required to do the new questions as well.

Just fyi, you said lots of people want to become judges now since the quiz was easy apparently, but we only have a few new judges. Goes to show how easy the quiz really is. Besides, DG mentioned before that judging really isn't that complicated at all, it is rather simple in fact. So if we were to up the difficulty still, this goes to show how over-demanding we are.
Keeping on topic, Bluejello managed to fail his test twice, before getting it right (though the moves list has some odd wording)

Also, Dog of Hellsing, Eeveedude and Pokemon Partner are now judges. Congratulate. They did the "old" quiz, but I don't feel like making them redo the ol' questions and do the new one.
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