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Default Re: Individual RP: Mitsuko-Kun

I smiled to myself as Artemis shrouded itself in the same blue aura as Solrock, shining brighter than her foe and seeming to remove most of the pressure from her body. I changed my mind, however, when Solrock backed away and began to fire a multicoloured beam at Artemis.

Thinking quickly, I called out to her, "Artemis, dodge with a Double Team, using your heightened speed to maximise its effects. Then follow up with a Shadow Ball!" She began moving even faster than before, the gentle humming of her wings growing even more frequent. Her body flickered for a moment, before she seemingly duplicated herself several times. I couldn't tell in these poorly lit conditions how many copies there were, but there were a good few there. The cave grew cold then, as each Yanmega charged up an orb of shadowy energy that crackled and fired it at the Solrock.
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