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Default Re: "The Video Game Genre"

Title: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
Artist: Yoshito Hirano, Yuka Tsujiyoko
Platform: Nintendo
Link to download: Game
Favorite Song: The Thievery of Ms. Mowz

Fitting-in: This game had numerous cut scenes, and along with them, individual music. I think the soundtrack ranges around 200 songs. However, nintendo pulled off putting them where they needed to be VERY nicely. 9/10
Originality: Aside from others in the paper mario series, and a few other nintendo games, the songs are quite original 7/10
Diversity: Like always, nintendo pulls off giving all the songs the same basis, but giving them each their own flair. 10/10
Nostalgia Value: Ohlawd. This game... I tell you. On a good day, it's my favorite, but there were TOO MANY DANG CUT SCENES! Expecially at the end, with the boss... if you lost, you had to replay a 15 min long cutscene (unskippable), so I learned that tune well. However, said cutscene was, of course, a dramatic moment. And i remember pracitcally jumping out and being part of the game. Why? Said cutscenes' music. 10/10

Overall: Avg the past four numbers. 9/10.

Closing comments: Like I said, on a good day, this game is my favorite (that stupid ending cutscene >:O ) But i feel that the 9 was soley given for the fact that its an amazing game. But hey, maybe it was the soundtrack that made the game awesome, i'll never know =]
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