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Default Re: "The Video Game Genre"

Title: Contra
Artist: Can't find a composer...
Platform: Arcade, NES (put under Nintendo, this is the NES version)
Link to download: WHAT IS THIS I DONT EVEN...
Favorite Song: Not going to YT this time, but my favorite is the base themes. Just a catchy tune that gets stuck in my head for a few hours which irritates me.

Fitting-in: Just what you'd expect in an NES game, but if feels weird for having a catchy upbeat theme in the base. Is pretty good to listen to, bro. 8/10
Originality: We're speaking the 1980s here, bro. 9/10
Diversity: Each stage has its own BGM, except for the Base stages. Still, lot of music here to kill PEOPLE WTH OPPOSING ISSUES with. 9/10
Nostalgia Value: All these tunes makes me want to grab my SPREAD GUN and blam the ever loving FECAL MATTER out of everything. Also makes me feel like a man, bro. 10/10
Overall: 9/10.

Closing comments: One of Konami's finest, if I do say so myself. Also, newbs will probably start off with the Konami code, as it's one of those games that isn't afraid to MAKE OBSCENE GESTURES TOWARDS YOUR MOTHER..

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