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Default Re: Individual RP - Ataro


OOC: Ataro-san, please do not imply that intimidate worked - that's my job =)

"A Staraptor, eh? A good choice for this match. Hell, the young-one is already intimidated by your fierce Pokémon, Ataro!" I mentioned, working as a sports-like commentator like those in the soccer games I was so fond of watching. Indeed, my role was that of the guy who takes care of the field after the players are gone.

At any rate, Tyrogue was visibly shaken by the fierce war-shout of Staraptor, who launched herself in a swift dive against the still-flinched Tyrogue, disappearing now and then from view, creating a very confusing - and I must say, effective - attack pattern. Her wings began to glow blue, leaving a trail of a faint white color in a double-line fashion, her peak shaping a crescendo arrow.

Tyrogue seemed frightened at first, but then it heard my words, and he despised them completely. Just a few moments before Staraptor made her hit, it crossed his arms in a defensive posture, lowering his gravity center and rooting his feet deep down on the ground. It took the impact fully, sliding with the inertia of the attack until Staraptor was completely stopped. For a moment, Staraptor floated in the air, a few inches away from Tyrogue, who's hands were visibly damaged by the Aerial Ace.

Nonetheless, Tyrogue were renowned for ignoring any damage taken in order to attack and become stronger.
"HEADBUTT!" I yelled, watching how Tyrogue slammed his small cranium into Staraptor's face. The attack wasn't very strong, because Tyrogue had no space to make a full head-movement. Still it was a force that would damage Staraptor, if only slightly...


Battle stats:

Tyrogue, male, @ 60%, SPD+1 ATA+1
Staraptor, female, at 87%, receiving a HEADBUTT LOL

Trainer Informantion

Trainer: Ataro
Location: Mt. Oktori
Encounters Remaining: 13
Encountered Pokémon: Machop (whirlwinded), Tyrogue (current)
-Park Balls x2
-Super Balls x2
-Hyper Ball x2
-Supreme Park Ball x1
-Family Repellent x5
-Max Potion x2
-Full Heal x2
-Ranger's Delight x1 (3 times use)


- Ambipom / male / Technitian / Jolly / Health- 100%
- Milotic / female / Marvel Scale / Careful / Health- 100%
- Staraptor / female / Intimidate / Hasty / Health- 100%
By Khajmer
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