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Default Re: Literary Projects...?

You see, I don't know how we can we get this out there and known without advertising? I'm no moderator; I can't get this well known. Only two people have replied. So, if you know any writing friends on the forum, PM them, and tell them all about this! Meanwhile, let's start conversation on this project, and see what we can come up with.

@Charmander: See, doing things like that is what I see for the future of projects in this board. How-things-came-to-be stories, Ranger stories; whatever!

@Mawile: I love Tim Burton to death (not that way. x3), but I seriously think 9 is... not what I'm talking about. For the Pokémon board, the furthest in that direction I could go would be to have Pokémon one-shots that have crossovers to other works... or, in the Other Fanfiction board, you could choose something, maybe 9, and then apply the theme.
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