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Default Re: Individual RP: Sec

“Come back, Marowak!” Sec shouted as the bone keeper staggared backwards, “You did great!”

With a bright flash of crimson the bone wielding Pokemon was pulled back inside her spherical chamber to rest; she had done her job and weakened Swalot significantly; now it was Togekiss’s job. With a loud chirp and a flashy acrobatic swirl through the air, the egg Pokemon lunged into battle.

“Don’t let yourself attract any poison!” Sec shouted, starting to prep her for the remainder of the battle, “Use Safeguard to avoid any unwanted status problems, then I want you to Yawn and use Follow Me to trick it into being distracted long enough for Yawn to set in.

Togekiss, flying in circles around Swalot to avoid anything that the sludge Pokemon could throw at her, took a deep breath, sucking in air like a vacuum, and breathed a heavy, pink cloud of drowsiness which slowly began floating towards the violet dollop of toxic waste. With that, Togekiss gave Swalot a distracting wave of her wings and began flying around the room again, hoping to distract it long enough to keep it immobile.
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