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Default You lucky SOB.

Title: Kirby Super Star/Ultra
Artist: Jun Ishikawa(?)
Platform: Nintendo SNES, NDS
Link to download:
Favorite Song: King Dedede's theme

Fitting-in: Considering the kid-like nature of the game, some of the themes fit in quite well. First stage of Metaknight's Revenge fits in with the time based levels as well. 9/10
Originality: A lot of these tracks were from past Kirby games, but who's complaining? Plus, they sound a little better in this format, too. 8/10
Diversity: Almost every stage has their own theme (Milky Way Wishes only has a few of their own). The Soundtest even lists over 100 tracks in the NDS version. :thumbsup: 10/10
Nostalgia Value: Best Kirby game IMHO, yours may differ but F-U. 10/10
Overall: 9.5/10.

Closing comments: Still playing it to this day (By means of emulation no doubt).

TRIVIA: Dynablade's and Wham Bam Rock's themes are remixed versions of Kirby Dream Land's 2nd level, Castle Lololo.
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