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Default Re: "The Video Game Genre"

Title: Mario Party 3
Artist: Ichiro Shimakura
Platform: Nintendo 64
Link to Buy: N/A
Favorite Song: Prolouge 3


Fitting-in: 7/10
They all sound like songs that you'd hear in Super Mario Galaxy. Which I can't really pin them on because Galaxy was made after MP3. But not all of them fit. I mean, they're relaxing and most of them are up-beat and have a nice tune in them, but they don't have that easy-flow feel that mini games usually have. But after listening to the tracks for a while you kind of get a bit tired of it.

Originality: 9/10
I can only relate them to games from before this because they couldn't have copied off of game released after, so... it's pretty different from the past games. But that's mainly because of the new music composer.

Diversity: 6/10
There's not much diversity here. All of them sound pretty much the same. If you were playing this game for... about 10 minutes with a bad ear, you'd probably say that all of the songs were the same song. But if you listen well, they don't. Still doesn't take away the fact that it makes me a bit sleepy. :/

Nostalgia Value: 6/10
Not much here to remember. I didn't like the music in this much. I prefer 2 out of the 3 N64 MP's. But I will say that he did do well on a few song here and there.

Overall: 7/10

Closing comments: The only song that I genuinely liked was Prolouge 3. It stood out the most. Others were decent, but failed to keep up with the past games.


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