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Default Re: "The Video Game Genre"

Title: Mario Party 4
Artist: Ichiro Shimakura
Platform: Nintendo GameCube
Link to Buy: N/A
Favorite Song: Koopa Kid Shuffle


Fitting-in: 8/10
Much improvement from MP3. I think all the songs pretty much fit in. I didn't like some of the boss tunes since they didn't seem evil, more so happy with lower tunes and a slower tempo. But I think for the most part, it was good.

Originality: 8/10
Similar to MP2, actually. But it's kind of okay since they're in the series and they didn't sound too much alike.

Diversity: 7/10
Ehhh, I'll let this slide a little since I realize that Nintendo wanted to try to test things out with the new GameCube system. I found that many songs sound the same in this. I think Nintendo just said: "Oh, we like this. We should have all of the songs like this." looplooploop

Nostalgia Value: 8/10
I think they went for a jazz feel in this, because that's what most of it sounds like. I like it, but then again, something can only be good for so long. After listening to it closer, it got repetitive and boring.

Overall: 7.75/10

Closing comments: About half of the songs are just a simple loop after 30 seconds. Even though they're just mini-games for 5 hours straight, I guess they could have been worse. But y'know... Good improvement, Shimakura.

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