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Default Re: What stupid things did you do?

Stupidest thing eh? I gotta say, the stupidest thing is when I let my friend catch Missingo in my Green version, and it transported me to some random island and turned every item in my bag into an item labeled "Missingo" Yup, it corrupted my game alright. But it messed it up soooo bad, that whenever I turn the game on, it immediatly ports me to that place. Yup. Glitch.

Either that or the time when I dropped my blue version into a creek. Now everytime I play it and get to the SS.Anne, it freezes, and starts to play every sound in the game in random order. It sounds kinda like this: *BEEEEEEEEP* *BOPBOPBOP* *MUK CRY MUK CRY* *RELEASE NOISE* *BBEEEP* Me: "DAMNIT!!!"


Thanks Mw!
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