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Default 1 more coin needed

Title: Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Artist: Isao Abe
Syun Nishigaki
Yoko Shimomura
Platform: Arcade (CPS2 board), Genesis, SNES, PSX, Saturn, 3DO, Dreamcast (JP only), PS2, Xbox, GBA (Albeit a poorly tested port), Xbox 360 (As Classic Mode in SSFIITHDR)
Link to Buy: Amazon, bro!
Favorite Song:
Akuma's theme

Fitting-in: Even though it's just s simple upgrade of most themes from the CPS1 version, they managed to make it more fun to kick ass in. 10/10

Originality: Though there are added BGMs here (Chun-Li's endings, the Shadaloo bosses gets their own ending BGMs, a new attract BGM, T. Hawk, Fei Long, Dee Jay and Cammy, as well as Akuma), it's still an upgrade from the older CPS1 ver. 7/10

Diversity: I've counted up to over 50 tracks for this game. 9/10

Nostalgia Value: Zangief's theme still gets me. 9/10

Overall: 8.75?/10

Closing comments: Beating Akuma is truly a feat.
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