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Default Re: Individual RP;; Kirethidae

Just as Kirethidae was about to start walking back out of the cave, there was a quite loud rattling down farther into the cave. It was most probably another Pokémon, it didn't sound anything like any rocks falling or the like.
Kirethidae reached out with his senses to try and preen whether it was in fact another Pokémon or not. Unsurprisingly, it was, although Kirethidae could not tell what type it was. What he could tell however, was that it was quite strong.

Even so, Kirethidae had come here for one reason only; an Absol, and he didn't particularly want to be wasting his time on other Pokémon, no matter how powerful.

Despite this though, Kirethidae's curiousity got the better of him, and he smirked at himself. "I'll go deeper," he told Ash, intending on finding the source of the clanging noise.
He turned back around, as did Xieleth, and they both started down deeper into the cave after Kirethidae ordered Xieleth to use another Morning Sun whilst they were still in the light. Quickly healing, Xieleth stopped glowing in the warm light, and followed Kirethidae and Ash as they all carried on, passing out of the light and back into the cold, eerie shadows...

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