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Default Re: Pokémon Partner's Judging Book

Normal-Rank Beauty Contest
Standard DPPt Rules
BlueJello vs Eeveedude vs sheepskinfuton vs Bumblebee16
Ditto vs Espeon vs Azumarill vs Abamasnow

Most of the stats were about the same, with Espeon and Azumarill being 10 pts appart, but we did have Bumblebee with a big fat 0 in the area. As far as the acting, everyone really showed their stuff, but Ditto wasn't quite the perfect choice for this. Then again, I don't think I'm allowed to say that, but I think I can say that the last could have changed everything for Abamasnow, at least put him closer to the crowd…

Anyways, take my advice all of you new Judges, such as myself, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO DPPt UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO DRIVE YOURSELF NUTS!!!!

1st = Eeveedude with Espeon @ 880 who gets $2,000 + $1,500 Contest Credits + Normal-Rank Beauty Ribbon!
2nd = sheepskinfuton with Azumarill @ 770 who gets $1,500 + $1,000 Contest Credits
3rd = BlueJello with Ditto @ 577 who gets $1,500 + $500 Contest Credits
4th = Bumblebee16 with Abamasnow @ 320 who gets $1,000 + $500 Contest Credits

I get $2,000 for judging

Thank you, Shy, for the avatar and banner.
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