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Default Re: Individual RP;; Kirethidae

Kirethidae's eyes widened for a second as he laid eyes upon the Absol. Then, the expression in his eyes was replaced by expression on his lips in the form of a smirk that showed that Kirethidae had found what he was looking for.
He had came for an Absol, had even been prepared to use special measures to attract an Absol to him - which were not needed anymore, not that Kirethidae was complaining - and now, because of the sounds he had luckily heard deeper in the cave, Kirethidae had actually found an Absol.

When the harbinger of disaster charged however, Kirethidae was forced to forget all that and focus solely on the fight and hopeful capture opportunity at hand.
He would love to pit Xieleth against the Absol, but they both knew that with the power that this particular Absol had, Xieleth would have a lot of trouble winning the fight, what with her disadvantages and all.
Xieleth understood this without need for communication, and leaped backwards out of the way of the Absol, clearing herself from harm's way. Instead, suddenly, in the place she occupied before, stood Sindrayala, the Dragonite having been sent out once again for a successive battle.
Roaring at the oncoming Absol, the rash dragon looked pleased to fight such a foe and almost seemed to welcome the relentless charge.

Kirethidae knew that he had to act quickly, and so ordered Sindrayala using the best plan he could think of at the time.
"Sindrayala," he spoke hastily, "quickly use Safeguard, then do a Dragon Dance as the Absol is about to hit your Safeguard, before attacking back with a powerful Dragon Rush just when she is recovering from the shock of simply bouncing off you."

Although Sindrayala had followed Kirethidae's instructions fairly well in the brawl with the Spiritomb, when faced with as straightoward an attack as the Absol's brutal charge, it came as no real surprise when Sindrayala picked only what she liked from Kirethidae's orders this time around.
Completely ignoring the original plan of starting off with a Safeguard, Sindrayala went straight into a Dragon Dance. She closed her eyes and her body glowed a strange pale blue light as it started to shimmer and move in the form of an odd, alien dance.
When the Dragonite opened her eyes, the Absol was still relentlessly charging at her. Now she bellowed an almighty roar once again before speeding off towards the foe with her own countercharge.
Moving faster than the Absol, Sindrayala's Dragon Rush looked potent and looked to hit the Absol with a strong impact.

All of the spectators' eyes were locked intently on the two Pokémon as their paths were just about to smash into each other with an incredibly powerful collision...
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