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Default Re: Masters of Cinema

Movie Title: Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day
Year Released: 2009
Director: Mike Clattenburg
[Robb Wells] - [Ricky]
[John Paul Tremblay] - [Julian]
[Mike Smith] - [Bubbles]

Story: Before I start off, Trailer Park Boys is a TV show. So the story followed with the TV show. The story is about 3 guys and there adventurers in a Canadian trailer park. The show and the movie is shot in a documentary form. Even though the show isn't real, the style they shot the story is amazing.

Acting: The best acting I have ever seen, the movie felt like a 2 hour documentary. At some points in the movie, I thought the movie was a real Documentary.

CGI Animation: There was none!

Plot: Canada isn't all about Bacon, Hockey, ect like most Americans think. The Trailer Park Boys is a greats example of how Canadian's aren't beaver loving people. Two years after being in jail, the boys (Ricky, Julian and Bubbles) return to there Trailer Park to find its been changed. Meanwhile, Mr. Lahey, the drunk bisexual trailer park supervisor had bought new land and has created a new trailer park where everyone has moved too. Well the boys are plaining to set up there new life, Bubbles finds his kittens have been picked up by the SPCA and needs a lot of money to get them all out. Bubbles, Ricky and Julian try to create ways to get money to save Bubble's kittens and deal with Jim Lahey!

Overall: THE BEST TV SHOW EVER AND MY FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!! You should watch the Tv show before watching the movie to understand the plot and characters more. Do not watch this movie with little kids, theirs a lot of drugs and beer in the movie. (For example; Ricky smokes weed with cops; another example is in the show where Ricky rolls a 5 paper joint)


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