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Default Re: Individual RP;; Sheepskinfuton

Ranger Ash Dalca
Meteor Valley

The Lopunny might never have been in a contest, but she sure acted like it. But her spinning appeal didnít work so well when the water stream plummeted Lopunny against a tree, knocking her Dizzy Punch out. Then the Tail Whip-Aqua Tail combo struck with with great force, having been completely with a little spin on Azumarillís part for the Tail Whip followed by a second spin, this time aimed at Lopunny. Izzieís blue-orbed tail was dripping water, and not just a little. It was drenching water, as if it was a Waterfall was tumbling out of the orb.

When Izzie gained on Lopunnyy, the Pokemon saw the attack coming and countered it with a second Bounce. Leaping into the air with her powerful back legs, Lopunny was almost out of sight when Azumarill lost her focus and tumbled onto a bed of flowers. The Sassy Pokemon jumped up, huffing at her opponent for getting her skin dirty. But then Lopunny came crashing down right in front of Azumarill. Twirling around, her floppy ears flung with great speed at Izzie.

ďWatch out, thatís a Frustration attack. Itís fueled by anger, and I think Lopunny is pretty pissed at your Azumarill,Ē Ash said, glancing at Stella as the battle blared in front of them.


Trainer Stats:

Trainer: Stella Wilder
Location: Botanical Gardens

Area Effects:
Encounters Remaining- 13

Wild Pokemon:
-??? Lopunny (F) -Cute Charm Ability- /Frustraition

Pokemon Stats:
-Sassy Azumarill (F) -Huge Power Ability- <In Battle>
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Ice Punch, Return, Surf, Waterfall, Aqua Jet, Belly Drum, Encore

-Mild Scizor (M) -Technician Ability- <In Ball>

-Hardy Drapion (F) -Sniper Ability- <In Ball>

Total Items: 3 Parkballs, 1 Superball, 1 Hyperball, 1 Full Restore and 1 Max Potion

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Zigzagoon // Lopunny //

Total Pokemon Captured:



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