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Default Re: Individual RP: Mitsuko-Kun

I watched as the Solrock began glowing a glossy black, seemingly trying to defend itself from future attacks. "Cosmic Power," I muttered, recognising the technique. If Solrock kept that up, we might have a bit of a problem. With sky-high defenses we wouldn't be able to even put a dent in it.

"Artemis, let's finish this quickly," I called out to her. I wanted the best possible chance of capturing that Solrock as possible. "Use Air Slash and then put it to sleep with a Hypnosis attack!" Artemis and her clones wasted no time in beating their wings even faster than they had before. Slowly a breeze began to stir, and before long the whole of the cave was being whipped by the wind. It grew harsher, sharper, and began to slice at the inside walls. Artemis and her clones then focused the wind on Solrock. I couldn't tell how much it had affected it before Artemis' eyes started pulsating a crimson colour, pure blood red. The feeling was gentle, pacifying. I could feel my eyelids sagging slightly, but I didn't know how it affected the Solrock. Without wasting any time, I shook myself and grabbed a Parkball, before throwing it at the Solrock.
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