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Default Re: Individual RP;; Kirethidae

Ranger Ash Dalca
Meteor Valley

Sindrayala’s Dragon Dance was executed perfectly and worked well when the Dragonite broke out into a Dragon Rush. The two speeding Pokemon met and crashed, sending both Pokemon flying backwards. Absol landed elegantly on its hooves, throwing its head back triumphantly. When the dust from the crash cleared, it revealed Sindrayala, standing dangerously with her eyes locked on Absol. Absol jumped up quickly and while suspended in air it slashed its head back and forth. The Razor Wind crashed down around Sindrayala, destroying the rocks and ground.

Without even trying to see if the Dragonite had dodged the Razor Wind, Absol jumped back onto a thin ledge to complete a Swords Dance. Absol began to glow a pale orange, filling the cavern with its light.

Absol must be planning something. It seems like a very smart Pokemon and using Swords Dance is going to make its next attack even stronger,” Ash warned.


Trainer Stats:

Trainer: Kirethidae
Location: Meteor Valley

Area Effects: light shinning from above.
Encounters Remaining- 7

Wild Pokemon:
-??? Absol (?) -Pressure Ability- //Swords Dance\\

Pokemon Stats:
-Calm Espeon (F) -Synchronize Ability- <Out of Ball>

-Careful Sceptile (M) -Overgrow Ability- <In Ball>

-Rash Dragonite (F) -Inner FocusAbility- <In Battle>

Total Items: PokéPlayer {1}, Absol Voice Disk {1}, Hyper Ball {1}, Super Ball {1}, Park Ball {3}

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Poochyena // Poochyena // Hypno // Spiritomb // Unown Q // Grumpig // Misdreavous // Absol //

Total Pokemon Captured:
Spiritomb [F, Impish]


OCC// Gender?

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