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Default Re: Individual RP;; Rosie

Ranger Ash Dalca
Meteor Valley

It didnít quite go as how Rosie planned it would. Redsonís Mach Punch did meet with Kanaskhanís Dizzy Punch and the force threw Redson back. But Kangaskhan followed up the attack with a Water Pulse, letting the spiraling liquid push Redson back even further. The Infernape let out a cry of anguish as the water drenched him. That wasnít the end of Kangaskhanís attacks, however. She soon let a dark aura surround her arm as she raced to whack Redson around with a Sucker Punch/Comet Punch combonation. Instead of simply following up with a Comet Punch, the Sucker Punch was repeated over and over again. When Redson couldnít seem to take it anymore, he jumped backwards, tripping over some rocks. Kangaskhan didnít attack again, instead just turning to leave.

Redson jumped back up, letting a blistering Fire Spin escape from its maw. The tumbling fire pulled the Parent Pokemon back and wrapped around her stomach in arms like a fiery sash. Kangaskhan roared with frustration.

ďThat was quick thing on Redsonís part,Ē Ash noted. ďThat Kangaskhan is quite powerful and fast. It's a mircale that Redson even got a hit in."


Trainer Stats:

Trainer: Rosie
Location: Botanic Gardens

Area Effects: Very sunny(4)
Encounters Remaining- 13
Wild Pokemon:
- --- Kangaskhan (F) -Scrappy Ability- 'Fire Spin'

Pokemon Stats:
-Jolly Celfable (F) -Cute Charm Ability- <In Ball>

-Serious Infernape (M) -Blaze Ability- <In Battle> //DEF-1\\
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Grass Knot, Substitute

Total Items: 3 Parkballs, 1 Superball, 1 Type Repellent (Grass)

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Cherrim // Kangaskhan

Total Pokemon Captured:


OCC// remember what i've told you, rosie

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