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Default Re: Individual RP;; Kirethidae

OOC: Female.

Although the Absol's Razor Wind had actually hit Sindrayala, after the attack had settled the stoic Dragonite was standing just as resolutely as before, not showing any signs of being hit in the slightest.
She watched as the Absol leaped up onto a thin ledge to perform a Swords Dance, raising her attack to powerful levels.
At this, Sindrayala Leered at her, following through with the nerving stare without any instruction from Kirethidae.

As Sindrayala did this, Kirethidae started to speak, telling her what he wanted her to do.
"Ok, Sindrayala, first, you need speed for this, so use Agility whilst she's completing her Swords Dance. She'll most probably attack you then, but you'll be far faster then after both your Dragon Dance and your Agility. Use that speed to your advantage and Wrap your tail around her, crushing her and stopping her from getting away. When you've got your foe trapped, drive into her with an Ice Punch followed by a Fire Punch to really hurt her. Finally, swing your tail and Slam her into the wall with your enhanced strength."

That was a big plan, and Kirethidae hoped it all went right as he saw the Absol nearly finish up her Swords Dance as Sindrayala whipped herself into a swift Agility...

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