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Default Re: Shock64, Eeveedude, DarkGardevoir, Kirethidae :Super Cute R/S/E:

Spoink used Rest! +2
Crowd cheers! +1 [CL=3]
Crowd looks on expectantly.
Spoink can avoid being Startled!

Pikachu used Encore! +2
Crowd cheers! +1 [CL=4]
The other Pokemon might be Nervous!

Espeon was too Nervous to appeal!

Togekiss used Rock Smash! +7
Crowd boos! [CL=3]


Turn 4 Order-
Togekiss: 130 PTS (+9 ; 2 STAR)
Spoink: 150 PTS (+3 ; Standby)
Pikachu: 150 PTS (+3)
Espeon: 50 PTS (+0) [CL=3]

Send moves here or by PM.
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