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Default Re: Individual RP: Sec

“Score!” Sec shouted as he watched the amorphous slimy monster exhale its built up defense. Sure, the capture had failed, but Sec was confident that with another try he might actually have a chance at capturing this thing. Togekiss had done a wonderful job of getting Swalot to Spit Up and at causing damage, even if there was some done to the setting as well.

“Stubborn slimy thing, isn't it? But don't give up, you are getting there,” said Ranger Eli encouragingly.

Sec gave Eli a nod and a smile and turned his attention back to the battle. He was determined to finish this up quickly and to finish it up with a capture.

“Togekiss, let’s trap it! Encore it into trying to Spit Up again!” Sec commanded with a devilish grin. Sec knew full and well that Swalot couldn’t Spit Up without Stockpiling first. Luckily for him, that meant that Swalot would be stuck failing at attacking the team while Sec was free to bombard it with Pokeballs.

Togekiss dashed forward and began cheerfully clapping her wings together in the air, as if she were applauding Swalot’s last attack. The hope was that she could entice Swalot into attempting to Spit Up again by cheering it on and when it came to cheering, nobody was better than Sec’s Togekiss.

Sec gripped another Super Ball in his hand firmly, ready to throw at the opportune moment. He watched intently as the stubborn slush ball of purple ooze glared at Togekiss. Though at this point Sec couldn’t tell if it was taking the bait or not.

“Either way,” Sec commented to Eli, “I want to try my chances again with the capture after Togekiss finishes. Hopefully I can get lucky!”
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