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Default Re: Individual RP;; Eeveedude

As Rhyhorn reacted to Togekiss’s Magical Leaf attack, Lance contemplated his next move. Lance was making this up as he went and decided that maybe that strategy wasn’t very wise. It was too late to turn back now however, Rhyhorn was not a happy camper.

Rhyhorn’s horn began to glow a piercing green and then its tail glowed a blinding white. Aggravated, he began running closer and faster toward the hovering Togekiss.

Megahorn-Iron Tail combo, that’s pretty creative!” Ash said, grinning

Creative, it must like contests.” Lance quickly formulated a plan, “Lulu, Rhyhorn is going to jump and try to hit you with its horn! When he does that, hover just to the right of Rhyhorn and give him a big wet Sweet Kiss on his cheek!” He then warned Lulu about Rhyhorn’s second move, “Once you do that he’ll try to hit you with his tail, be sure to fly down, close to the ground and then fire an Aura Sphere at him while he’s dangling useless in the air.

Loving the dodge and strike tactic, Lulu grinned. She focused on Rhyhorn’s every move, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.
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