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Default Re: Pe2K Wifi Gyms. Looking for leaders! Check fourth post for updates

Originally Posted by darthcrawford View Post
I would Like to open the eevee gym. It's a gym where they fight eeveelutions. I'm on every night.

Username: Mike
Gym you want: Eevelution(If you would allow it)
FC: In my sig
Open / Closed?:open 8pm-9pm gmt -5
Rules: Standard double battles
Other notes: I will use nothing but eeveelutions
Who do you want to be tried-out by?: ShinyShuckle
The gyms revolve like the in game gyms, on typing, not special team construction, sorry. You can easily use an Eeveelution on a team of the selected type.

Originally Posted by Godot View Post
I would love to be a challenger.
Will any of the gym leaders (so far) do double battles?
There's a huge lack of double battlers in these sort of things.
I'll talk to BP and see if he has his team ready for that.

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