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Default Re: The log of feeling stoked and hoarding all the forum contests:

Normal Rank, DP, Tough Contest
Ataro vs DarkGardevoir vs Dog Of Hellsing vs Ayotui
Kangaskhan vs Scyther vs Absol vs Rhyperior

Old contest is old.

Ending Scores:

1st: Kangaskhan @ 600
2nd: Absol @ 360
3rd: Scyther @ 347
4th: Rhyperior @ 340

Ataro wins, Gets a Tough Normal rank ribbon, $2000 and $1500 berry credit.
Dog of Hellsing comes second, gets $1500, and $1000 berry credit.
DarkGardevoir comes third, gets $1500, and $500 berry credit.
Ayotui comes last, gets $1000 and $500 berry credit.

I get $2000 for judging.

Total wages earned: $18500
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