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Default Re: Individual RP;; Kirethidae

Kirethidae saw the Absol preparing her attack, and his resolve hardened when he realised she was going to fire an Ice Beam at Sindrayala. He knew that the bold Dragonite was particularly susceptible to ice-based attacks, as most flying Pokémon were. Although he also knew that Sindrayala was strong and resistant, and had weathered far worse attacks in the past, still coming out on top, he was hardly going to let his companion and friend simply take the hit.
He needed to find a way to dodge the attack somehow...

"Sindrayala," Kirethidae called as soon as he decided what to do, which didn't take too long, "I need you to use Stone Edge against Absol as well, and make sure to bring a large rock to yourself. If you can, throw other stones at the Absol, but your priority is to bring the largest boulder you can carry up to yourself and use Wrap your tail around it, holding it in front of you like a shield to repel the Ice Beam heading for you. Then advance on the Absol, throw the rock when you're close and follow up with a close-range Thunder Wave when the foe is too busy with the stone."

Kirethidae thought it was a pretty good plan, and he waited to see as Sindrayala glowed a pale blue again, along with some rocks on the ground, including an incredibly big rock that Kirethidae hoped Sindrayala could hold...
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